Moving task guides between LCS projects

Today I want to demonstrate how you can build a library of common task guides in Lifecycle Services (LCS) and share them between LCS projects. LCS contains a central Business Process Library which can contains items that need to be used on multiple projects and allows you to publish that library out to different customer environments running in different LCS projects.

To get started you need to approve a business process library as ready for publication…

Approving a library ready for publication
Login to LCS using your credentials:

  1. Open a project within which you will save your Task Guides
  2. Select Business Process Libraries
  3. In My Libraries section you will see all the Task Guide libraries
  4. Right click and select “Copy” – and then apply a version controlled name to the library (see image 1 below)
  5. Then Right click on the copied library and select “Publish”
  6. The library will then move to the Corporate column with a status of “Pending”
  7. A LCS Administrator will need to approve the library which converts it to status “Approved”

You now have an approved Corporate Library.

LCS Corporate Library


To publish a library to a customer’s environment

Login to LCS using your credentials:

  1. Open the customer’s project
  2. Select Business Process Libraries
  3. You should see the approved library in the Corporate column
  4. Right click and select Copy
  5. This copies it to “My libraries” (which should really be called “Project libraries”) (image 2 below)
  6. Then log out of LCS site

The library is now ready to be attached to your customer’s AX environments.

LCS Corporate Library

Attach the library to an AX environment
Login to your customer’s LCS site using your credentials:

  1. Open your customer’s LCS project
  2. Launch AX
  3. Search for System Administration > System Parameters – Help
  4. Recycle the library (arrow button) and the new library should now appear – Ensure its ticked to add it (image 3 below)
  5. Now exit AX
  6. Log back into AX and if you select the Help ? button, you should be able to see the task guides you added as part of the library

Task guide sources