Changing label text on the POS

Sometimes you’ll want to customise the text that appears on the POS forms to meet the needs of the client.

Did you know that each string of text that appears on a POS form has a unique label ID?  Well, by finding out the POS label ID it is possible to centrally override the standard POS text linked to that ID and apply the text you want to display instead.

This is how you do it…

1.  Change the POS shortcut target = ‘-tr’

Change the target

Change the target

2.  Now open the POS using the amended shortcut.  Every label on the POS will now display a unique label ID.


3.  Identify the text on the POS that you want to change and make a note of the POS label ID – in this case lets change label 110 which currently says “Search or enter quantity”

4.  Login to Dynamics AX

5.  Access the AOT > Tables – find the table named ‘RetailLanguageText’ and select open


6.  This table contains a list of POS override text.  Any text linked to labels here will override the standard POS labels.


7.  Create a new row in the table and specify:

  • The language ID
  • The replacement label text
  • And in Text ID ensure this is the label number – e.g. 110
  • Tick the Active checkbox

8.  In this example I have changed the text for label 110 to be “Enter SKU or product name”.

9.  Now you will need to synchronise this label update down to the POS.  To do this run the Registers job under Retail > Periodic > Data Distribution – Distribution Schedule.  The actual sub job that applies the change is ‘ADDP-PLT’ which updates the RetailLanguageText table on the POS Database.


10.  Logon to the POS.  You should see that the relevant POS label has now been changed.


11.  Don’t forget to remove –tr from your POS shortcut so that the label ID’s stop showing

If this didn’t work – ensure you entered the label language ID in AX correctly for the User who is logging onto the POS.