Dynamics AX 2012 CU3 Database Upgrade–InstallPath error

When installing Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 CU3 and at the stage up updating the database models using the the below options I have received the following error “The InstallPath installation path for the 32-bit files cannot be under the folders reserved for the 64-bit files. Enter a different path.”

AX 2012 CU3 Database Upgrade




For some reason the installer checks for a path for a 32-bit component even though we are only installing 64-bit components.


Install the AX Client on that machine and the CU3 installer will stop throwing the error

Setting All Dynamics AX Batch Job Status to Withhold using SQL

When restoring a Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 production database to a test database one of the tasks required before attaching and starting an AOS is to change all of the batch jobs to a status of ‘Withhold’

This can be done with the below SQL statement, the database name needs to be updated with the name or the database to be updated.

-- Reset the batch job status to "Withhold" for "Waiting", "Executing" and "Ready" jobs 
UPDATE [DynamicsAX].[dbo].[BATCHJOB] SET [STATUS] = 0

Remember to change the database name “[DynamicsAX]” in the script above to match your database.