AX 2012 Vendor Portal–Request for Quotations (RFQ’s)

Businesses remain under constant pressure to obtain the best price for products and services and in order to achieve this will be required to obtain multiple quotations. The vendor portal in Dynamics AX 2012 offers some great functionality where multiple requests for quotations can be submitted to Vendors at the touch of a button and responses are then fully managed through the system. Businesses requiring urgent responses to fulfil a customer order or where a machine has broken down but still want to source replacement parts at the optimum price would find this functionality extremely useful, and may even achieve advantages over competitors who rely on paper chasing their suppliers for responses.

Various aspects are populated within the RFQ form to ensure the supplier receives all the required information to give an accurate quote, with the usual fast tabs available for population.


RFQ Header

Multiple suppliers and items are attached to the Request for Quotation


On sending the RFQ it will automatically be transferred to the vendor portal, and notifications can also be set to alert the vendor of its arrival in the portal

RFQ received Portal

The Vendor responds directly to the RFQ from the vendor portal

RFQ General details

And a large range of information is available for population by the vendor, including the option to attach documents to the response as required.

RFQ Detail

The Vendor also has the option to decline the RFQ directly from the portal, which is equally important when a certain number of Quotations may be required to satisfy business requirements.

RFQ status portal

And all information is then stored both within the portal and AX

RFQ status AX

Overall a powerful communication tool, which has the ability to streamline this often onerous process