NAV Charts and KPIs (Part 1) – Generic Charts

To view business data graphically, Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows you to easily create or edit generic charts and then add them to Role Centres and Fact Boxes with the Customize feature or you can view data in list places as charts by choosing Show as Chart.

Generic Charts can be based on any table or query, can be created by any user, and can be added to multiple UI types

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides the flexible Generic Chart Setup window where you can combine any table or query data with multiple chart properties to create an unlimited number of generic charts for any user.



Create Charts by:

· Entering a Chart ID and Name

· Select the Source Type, (Data Object, Table or Query), Source ID and any filters required

· Specify for up to six fields how the values are aggregated and shown on the y-axis in the chart. You must select values for at least one row.

· Define the x-axis details and captions

· Enter a Chart Description up to 500 characters

Preview the Chart at each step in the process using the Preview Pane at the bottom of the page


Once a chart has been created, then the user can add the chart to any Role Centre or Fact Box by using the Customize Page function

A Generic Chart can also be created ‘on-the-fly’ from any List view by using the ‘Show Chart’ button.

Using the Sales Order List as an example…


Simply select one or more Measures (x-axis) and Dimensions (y-axis)

Here I’ve selected ‘Doc. No. Occurrences’ as the Measure (i.e. the no. of Sales Orders) and a single Dimension of ‘Customer Posting Group’.

I can then see how many Sales Orders of each Customer Posting Group there are.


If I then wish to break this down further, I can add in a second Dimension…. In this case I wish to see the documents also broken down by ‘Location Code’.


Hint: The displayed Chart can be rotated by positioning the cursor over the Chart, holding down the left button on the mouse and moving as required