Wholesale Ordering for Dynamics AX

Selling products for fashion generates a large number of related products.

Here’s an example –


K3 Piri Piri polo shirt

Sizes: small, medium, large

Colours: red, orange, white

Styles: short and long sleeve

That gives us 3 x 3 x 2 = 18 combinations – just for this shirt!

Standard AX allows us to create a single product using three dimensions  – which is great.  The challenge comes when you try to buy or sell these combinations. This is a typical problem for a system that is more used to handling flat product ordering.

K3 Retail had a solution for this in Dynamics AX 2009 that has been extended in our AX 2012 product and now allows someone to :-

  • Create one or more deliveries for a product…
    • Across channels
    • Across style / colour / size
  • Edit all the data using a Excel-like matrix
  • Spread the quantity across all the applicable variants using an allocation ratio

It’s taken some effort to get this far – but I really think this will make the ordering process significantly easier to use.